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Taylor Bathroom Scales 7516: A Review


If you’re seeking a dependable and accurate bathroom scale, consider the Taylor bathroom scale 7516. You may find your weight on this digital scale in pounds, kilograms, or stones. Its sleek and contemporary style blends in with any bathroom decor. In this article, we will discuss the Taylor bathroom scale 7516’s traits, benefits, drawbacks, and operating instructions.

What are Taylor bathroom scales?

Taylor is a well-known brand that has been producing high-quality weighing devices since 1851. They provide an extensive selection of goods, ranging from domestic scales to industrial scales. Taylor bathroom scales are made to assist you in keeping track of your fitness and health objectives. They employ fine sensors to deliver precise information.

Why choose Taylor Bathroom Scales 7516?

One of the most popular types on the market is the Taylor bathroom scale 7516. They distinguish themselves from other bathroom scales thanks to a variety of features. • They have a huge LCD display that shows your weight in big and clear numerals.

  • They include a tempered glass platform that can hold up to 400 pounds, or 180 kilograms.
  • They offer an automatic on/off feature that prolongs battery life and makes them simple to operate.
  • They have numerous units of measurement that you can switch between by pressing a button.
  • They contain low battery and overload indicators that let you know when the batteries need to be changed or when the maximum capacity has been reached.

Features of Taylor bathroom scale 7516

Let’s examine some of the characteristics of the Taylor bathroom scale 7516 in more detail.

High-precision sensors

Any bathroom scale’s precision is one of its most crucial qualities. You want to ensure that your scale provides consistent and dependable readings every time you walk on it. The Taylor bathroom scales 7516 feature four highly accurate sensors to measure your weight with an accuracy of +/- 0.2 pounds or +/- 0.1 kilograms. This means you can rely on your scale to provide an accurate estimate of your weight.

Large LCD display

Another element that makes the Taylor Bathroom Scales 7516 user-friendly is its huge LCD display. The display is 3.21 by 1.56 inches and displays your weight in large, vivid figures. You can easily read your weight without squinting or stooping down. Additionally, the display incorporates a blue backlight that makes it visible in low light.

Tempered glass platform

The sleek and contemporary Taylor bathroom scales 7516 look great in any bathroom. Tempered glass, which is sturdy and long-lasting, is used to create the platform. It can support up to 400 pounds (180 kilograms) of weight. The platform is extremely simple to maintain and clean. Simply wipe it down with a moist cloth to eliminate any dust or grime.

Auto-on/off function

Taylor bathroom scales 7516 is intended to be both convenient and energy-efficient. They have an automatic on/off feature that activates the scale when you lightly tap it and deactivates it when you take a step away. This eliminates the need for a manual scale on/off switch. You also preserve battery life by minimizing excessive power utilization.

Multiple units of measurement

With the Taylor bathroom scale 7516, you can get your weight in pounds, kilograms, or stones. By pressing a button on the back of the scale, you can switch between units. If you go to different nations or wish to compare your weight to different norms, this tool can be helpful.

Low battery and overload indicators

Taylor bathroom scale 7516 has two indications that inform you when there is a problem with the scale. When the batteries are getting low, the low battery indication, which looks like a battery, shows up on the display. When you surpass the scale’s maximum capacity, an exclamation mark flashes on the display as an overload indicator. By using these signs, you can prevent false readings or scale damage.

Pros and cons of Taylor bathroom scales 7516

Taylor bathroom scales, model 7516, have certain disadvantages in addition to their many benefits. Taylor bathroom scale model 7516’s benefits and drawbacks are listed below.


  • precise and consistent readings: Taylor bathroom scales 7516 feature high-precision sensors to offer precise and consistent weight readings. You can depend on your scale to accurately display your weight.
  • Simple to see and operate: The Taylor bathroom scale 7516 include a sizable LCD display that displays your weight in large, legible numbers. You don’t need to bend over or squint to read your weight. Additionally, the scale has an automatic on/off feature that makes it simple to use. Simply press the scale lightly to turn it on, and step off to turn it off.

Taylor bathroom scales 7516 have a sleek and contemporary appearance that will go well with any bathroom decor. Tempered glass, which is sturdy and long-lasting, is used to create the platform. 180 kilograms, or 400 pounds, of weight, may be supported by it.


  • Requires a flat and hard surface: For the Taylor, bathroom scales 7516 to function effectively, they must be set up on a flat and hard surface. If you set them on a soft or uneven surface, such as carpet or tile, they may give erroneous readings or malfunction.
  • Sensitive to temperature and humidity variations: Taylor bathroom scales model 7516 may be impacted by variations in temperature and humidity. If you store them in a hot or cold environment or move them from one location to another, they may need to be recalibrated before use.

There are no batteries included with the Taylor bathroom scale 7516. Battery power is provided by three AAA batteries, which must be purchased separately.

How to use Taylor bathroom scales 7516

The Taylor bathroom scales, model 7516, are easy to use. The steps you must take are as follows:

Step 1: Place the scale on a flat and hard surface.

Find a location that will work for your scale as your initial step. It must be set up on sturdy surfaces like wood, concrete, or laminate. A soft or uneven surface, such as carpet or tile, should not be used since it can compromise the device’s accuracy or performance.

Step 2: Tap the scale lightly to turn it on.

The scale must now be turned on by lightly touching it with your foot. The display will turn on and show zero.

Step 3: Wait for the display to show zero.

The third stage entails waiting until the readout reads “zero” before stepping upon the scale. The scale is now prepared to record your weight, as this indicates.

Step 4: Step on the scale and stand still.

The fourth step entails getting on the scale and remaining steady while spreading your feet evenly around the platform. Never budge or change your weight while the scale is recording it.

Step 5: Read your weight on the display.

Checking your weight on the display is the sixth step. The display will indicate your weight in pounds, kilograms, or stones, depending on the unit you chose.


Anyone who wishes to keep track of their weight and health objectives can use Taylor bathroom scales 7516. They are inexpensive, precise, and simple to operate. They are contemporary and elegant, and they look great in any bathroom. High-precision sensors, a big LCD display, a tempered glass platform, an auto-on/off function, different units of measurement, and low battery and overload alerts set them apart from conventional bathroom scales. They do, however, have significant limitations, such as the need for a flat, hard surface, sensitivity to variations in temperature and humidity, and the absence of batteries. All things considered, the Taylor bathroom scale model 7516 is a dependable and practical bathroom scale that may assist you in keeping tabs on your weight.

How do I switch between pounds, kilograms, and stones on the Taylor bathroom scale 7516?

A button on the rear of the scale can be pressed to change between the measuring units. Your chosen unit will be visible on the display.

How do I calibrate Taylor bathroom scales 7516?

After setting the scale down on a smooth, hard surface, lightly tap it to switch it on. This will calibrate the scale. Step off the scale after the display shows zero. The words “CAL” and “0.0” will appear on the screen. The scale has now been adjusted.

How do I replace the batteries on Taylor bathroom scales 7516?

To change the batteries, remove the battery cover from the scale’s back and put three fresh AAA batteries inside. Make sure the polarity is correctly aligned. Replace the battery cover and test the scale to ensure it is operational.

How do I clean Taylor bathroom scales 7516?

the moist towel will effectively remove the scale. Avoid using any chemical or abrasive cleaners. Do not immerse the scale in water or expose it to high heat or dampness.

How do I reset Taylor bathroom scales 7516?

You can reset the scale by taking out the batteries for a little period of time, then putting them back in. It will return to its factory settings.

What is the warranty for Taylor bathroom scales 7516?

The Taylor bathroom scales 7516 have a five-year limited guarantee that covers flaws in the materials and workmanship. To learn more, get in touch with Taylor’s customer service.

What are some of the customer reviews for Taylor bathroom scales 7516?

Taylor bathroom scales 7516 have received largely positive reviews from customers who purchased them online or in stores. Common compliments include:
The scale is accurate and consistent
The scale is easy to read and use
The scale is sleek and durable
The scale is affordable
Some of the typical grievances include:
The scale needs a smooth, hard surface.
Temperature and humidity variations affect the scale.
Batteries aren’t part of the scale.

Where can I buy Taylor bathroom scales 7516?

You may purchase Taylor bathroom scales 7516 from a number of online and offline bathroom scale suppliers. Several of the well-liked choices are:
o    Amazon
o    Walmart
o    Target
o    Bed Bath & Beyond

How do I contact Taylor customer service?

You have three ways to reach Taylor’s customer service: phone, email, and postal mail. Their information is as follows:
o    Phone: 1-866-843-3905
o    Email:
o    Mail: Taylor Precision Products Inc., 2220 Entrada Del Sol, Suite A, Las Cruces, NM 88001

What are some of the other products that Taylor offers?

Taylor provides a variety of items to meet a variety of demands and tastes. Other items they sell include:
o    Kitchen scales
o    Food thermometers
o    Timers and clocks
o    Weather instruments

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